Home Inspection Checklist from America’s Finest Home Inspection, LLC   report

Buying a new home?  Here’s a home inspection checklist for you to think about:

1. First, don’t let the price of a home inspection drive your decision.  A good home inspection will cost between $300 – $400 but it will be worth it.  It could save you thousands of dollars before and after the sale is final.  America’s Finest Home Inspection, LLC can help you with that.

2.  Make sure your inspector determines as much as he can about the age of the A/C and heating units.  That’s a big cost item and you have to know where you stand.  Wouldn’t you want to know if the units are nearly new or as old as can be?

3.  Have him check for any indication of mold or rot around the house.  He may not be able truly see anything without another expert in that field being called in,  but a tiny tip or clue could really help you out.  It’s not as big of an issue in Arizona as other parts of the country but ever home inspection checklist should have that on it.

4.  If he gives you an indication that there may be wood infesting bugs, even if he is not a pest control specialist, look into it.  A quick inspection by another specialist, if it is called for, could really give you peace of mind in your purchase.

5. No home inspection checklist would be complete without the roof being carefully checked out.  Unless there are good reasons otherwise make sure your inspector checks it out, both inside and outside.

6.  Finally, make sure plumbing and electrical are in good shape.  A good home inspector can check closely for these kind of things and the people at America’s Finest Home Inspection will inspect everything that is viewable and not hidden away in walls.  We desire to be as complete and through as we can.

Good luck on your purchase.  It is the biggest expense of most of our lives and having a good home inspection checklist will really help you out in the long run.