There has been a pattern lately here in the metro Phoenix area for price to be the only determining factor in getting a home inspection booked.  I really recommend that a home buyer take care in using one or two other factors in determining a good home inspection.

First, your agent (or dual agent) may have good connections in getting you a home inspector at a fair price, but is he or she independent?  A good home inspection is one that is based on being truly objective as to anything you find that is a concern in a resale home.  At America’s Finest Home Inspection, we work very hard to advocate for the buyer only.  They are the only ones who will live in that home and any future issue will be their sole responsibility.  A good home inspection will look closely at every aspect of the component pieces of a home, especially the big ticket items that can be downplayed.

In recent inspections our clients have walked away from some deals because the issues in a resale home were too great or the seller would not address them.  Sure, the deal fell through for the agent, but it was in the best interests of the buyers to know the facts.  In a few cases major corrections were made and compromises were determined to let deals move along.  That is what a good home inspection does.

Secondly, in looking for a good home inspector, look for thoroughness.  If they tell you your low priced inspection will only take an hour or so, think about alternatives.  We have heard about some cheap $149 specials  taking only about 45 minutes or so with the care not being taken to really examine the details.  Our inspections typically take four hours at a minimum and worth every penny.  We have saved buyers thousands and thousand of dollars on any given inspection.  It’s something to think about.