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At America’s Finest Home Inspection, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our professional, certified, and fully licensed inspectors have the skills and experience to thoroughly evaluate the condition of any home. Whether you’re in Phoenix and are in need of a quality, professional home inspection or if you’re somewhere else in Arizona, call us for your home inspection needs!

We give you the best quality reporting available, through employing the latest in mobile computer hardware and software in our inspection process.

Our software is continually updated to reflect the most current changes in our industry and the State of Arizona standards of practice that govern it.  We have the capability to conduct an home inspection from any location, while maintaining online connections and contact at all times.

We conveniently print our extensive home inspection reports on the spot, using the latest color laser technology. This means we can provide immediate, in-hand feedback to our clients as well as to other designated parties via email.

Cash, check, or charge, your payment of choice can be accommodated simply and quickly at the time of service.

At America’s Finest Home Inspection, we take pride in providing you with second-to-none inspection services for your home. With the use of modern technology and years of industry experience, we offer the most comprehensive evaluation and expertise in the business, whether you are buying or building a home. Contact us today for more information on how we can help save you time, money, and unnecessary inconvenience.


certified home inspection

Our team stays current with the latest codes and standards, giving us the ability to conduct impartial third-party visual evaluations of a home’s condition. No stone is left unturned; we look inside, outside, and around the entire property to make sure that everything is thoroughly inspected.

As a family owned business, we stake our reputation on maintaining the highest level of service and capabilities. We stand behind our work so you can be confident in knowing that your inspection was handled with skill, care, and professionalism.

Living up to our name through our quality inspection services has positioned America’s Finest as a respected and sought-after home inspection company.

Our inspectors partner with you to address all of your concerns. We are quick to point out issues and make recommendations for any improvement opportunities. If you have questions, we have answers.

Capable, reliable, and professional. These are three words that aptly describe our home inspectors. When you’re looking for someone with experience and dedication to conduct your home inspection, you know you will find the best in the business at America’s Finest Home Inspection.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you for your home inspection needs.

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When it’s time to buy your next home, think of America’s Finest Home Inspection. A highly-qualified Arizona property inspector will conduct a thorough home inspection and treat you with the professionalism you expect.