AFHI-logoIt’s been a while since I have had a chance to blog due to my social media being messed up.  I’m now on the road to SEO recovery and I wanted to get back into talking about the things that are problems for some homes.  Recently I came across a circumstance where lead piping was being used to provide municipal water into an older home in Phoenix.  The pipes inside the house were the older galvanized kind that had corroded over the decades but were still in use.  The supply line that fed the house was lead.  While checking out the plumbing, I was fortunate enough to actually see areas where soil had caved in around the supply line and that old lead line was exposed.  I strongly recommended that the owner do some serious plumbing work from top to bottom but they declined.  Seems that having renters on that old property was more important than the possibility of having issues with the water they might ingest.

Banner 2Most Phoenix area homes do not deal with this.  I understand.  When I check out the plumbing in all my inspections over the Phoenix Metro area nearly all the supply lines are either copper, galvanized or plastic because most homes we built after 1950.  Those that were not, basically in the city centers of each community, are going to have to look at and examine the possibility of getting those lead lines out.  Usually this issue always falls on the poor since they fill into many of these old, deteriorating structures to just get by.  It really is a concern.  Children don’t know of the danger and they rely on the responsible adults around them to care for them.

If you happen to be in one of those older homes built in the 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, I would recommend you make sure the supply lines are not only in good shape, but are definitely not lead.