Recently, I have done home inspections with the purpose of solving a high water pressure issue in a home.  Most of the time the pipes and fixtures can’t handle high pressure over 80lbs per square inch (PSI) but it seems pretty clear that those homes that suffer from it have more incidences of leaking hose bibs and leaks at kitchen and bathroom sinks.  Day after day those kinds of water pressures can take their toll on fittings and seams.  It’s one thing to have an outdoor faucet drip or a water handle leak, it’s another to have an unseen leak in the wall, allowing moisture to settle into wood and drywall, bringing the chances for mold into a home.

If you see a small drip in just one tap, where a fitting can be tightened, things are probably fine.  If you see dripping in several places, take a quick check of your water pressure.  If your pushing over 80lbs, get a water regulator on your main line into your house.


The water regulator is a bell-shaped brass device that can be installed by a plumber for about $175.  It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but you don’t want to risk having damage done to you interior plumbing.  Have the plumber turn the set screw down to 60lbs or so, to assure you don’t have a higher pressure issue in your home.

This one little plumbing aid to you home can save you some headaches later.  Keep the water that is intended to stay in your pipes, there.  Your water use in your home will not be affected.  Some may tell you that there won’t be enough pressure to go around but that will not be the case.  There are homes all over the Phoenix area operating on only 50 to 60LBS PSI and their showers, washing machines and hose pressures are great!