It’s been a while since we have posted something because we have been taking advantage of any spare time to improve our service level through continuing education.  As you can see from the emblem above, we have not only met all the Home Inspection standards of Arizona, we have now risen to the training, certifications and better skill levels of the highest ranked organization in this country.  No matter how many inspections we do each week, it is incumbent on any inspectors in this industry to improve the service level in how they execute their task.  When others have elected to rely on their past accomplishments, we at America’s Finest Home Inspection LLC have, and will, get better at the job we do.

Improving our Service Level means we are at the cutting edge of the latest updates and current  information in our industry.  Keep up with our accomplishments here to see how we can improve our service level for you.  We have concentrated on learning more about pool and spa inspections, advanced electrical inspections, improved techniques on plumbing inspections, thorough air conditioning and heating inspections, complete roof inspections, detailed fireplace and chimney inspections and all aspects related to deck and patio inspections.

It is a lot to learn but it is an important requirement of our industry.  America’s Finest Home Inspection LLC takes pride in being able to provide the highest level of service to you.  We have always used the latest technologies in performing our inspections to provide the most complete inspection reports to our clients as soon as the inspection has concluded.  You need to know this information quickly in your decision of buying a house and we want to improve our service level to you.  Please keep up with our blogs over the next few weeks to learn more about what we can do for you.