Like all other trades, you have to keep up with the latest.  At America’s Finest Home Inspection we keep up with the training, tools and techniques to improve the service level we give to you.  Over the past few months we have being taking new courses on electrical, plumbing, roofing, structural, HVAC, exterior and pool inspections to always be at the highest competency level we can provide.

Between all the inspections we are doing, it has been a juggling act to do everything but we know it pays off with high customer satisfaction ratings.  I haven’t been able to do as many blogs but I will do what I can to tell everyone we can about how good we are and how diligent our work is.  We want to have the best and most through home inspection checklist that can be provided in this industry.  We do it for our customers but really it also is a basis of pride in how we maintain our standards.


The other day I was doing a home inspection and the client wanted to know why I was showing concern about the tonnage of the combined air conditioners being well over the stated square footage of the house.  Builders always want to save money and they only put in the minimum amount of air conditioning that is needed for the house they are building.  It really is understandable from a cost savings standpoint.  Then why was was there at least 3200sf of air for a 2507sf house?  I remeasured the house and found that it was incorrectly listed at 2500sf and should have been at 3100sf.  Quite a difference isn’t it?  This makes for a change in the selling price and in the county tax records also.

These are the kind of home inspection checklist items that we look for due to our on-going training and high standards.