Selecting a Home Inspector

Some times you just don’t know to select a home inspector.  Many new home buyers rely on their realtors for this and many times that is just fine. Other times you get someone who may be working to close the house sale for the benefit of the agents or seller, which isn’t right.  The client in any of these sales is the buyer.  He or she is the one who should always be protected in the sale of any new or resale home.  Select a home inspector who understands this distinction clearly and will do a thorough inspection that will be a benefit to the buyer.  A good inspector, like America’s Finest Home Inspection LLC,  can really save you money before and after the sale.


When selecting a home inspector, ask him who he is working for and, if he understands it is you, will he look for every detail that could benefit you, regardless of what the seller thinks.  Remember, you will be the only person putting cash into that house for years to come.  You have to get the most complete picture up front, no matter who’s toes might get stepped on.  Selecting a home inspector is really more important than the agent, title, bank or appraiser you may deal with.  These other participants will help you buy the house but only the home inspector will help you live in it after.  That inspector will, in most cases, find things that will fill in the puzzle pieces more than anyone else.

When anyone goes through the effort of selecting a home inspector, professional conduct goes a very long way.  It is in your best interest to hire someone who understands his position, executes his task effectively and is trusted in standards and performance.

Good luck in selecting the home inspector that meets these criteria for you.