What to Ask a Home Inspector?                               inspection-report


What do you ask a home inspector?  Can’t be shy on this one.  It’s your biggest investment.  Ask a home inspector if he is going to do a detailed job for you, not someone else in the process.  Ask your inspector if he is going to check out current electrical loads in the house and any questions you may have about it.  Is it mostly copper?  Are there any aluminum components to it?

Ask your home inspector what kind of plumbing you have.  Is it copper, pex (new plastic) or older galvanized?  Any leaks or does it look sound?  Is it the older poly piping that can leak at the connections?  Does it look like there was a previous leak that left a telltale sign of damage or wear?  Look here for more information on types of plumbing.

What about the heating and cooling systems?  Are they of reasonable age or getting old?  Those condensers outside can get beat up overtime with sun, weather and pet exposure.  Are they okay?  HVAC units can cost a lot down the road so you want to know, to the best that one can, how they are doing.

Ask a home inspector if the attic and insulation looks good.  Many times this really isn’t a high cost item but it can give you an indication if heating and cooling is escaping through the roof.    The most ideal would be an attic that stays cold during the winter with no warm spots and likewise warm during the summer with no cool pockets.  Have him explain this to you in relation to you upcoming home purchase.

Ask a home inspector if your exterior block fencing looks solid and secure.  Most of these fences will be strong for a long time but the capstones loosen with weather extremes and call be pulled down by climbing children.

Again, there are many questions that can be asked of a home inspector but the main thing to do is get the report from him as soon as you can ( we at AFHI give it to you on the spot) and read it carefully.  Give us a call at America’s Finest Home Inspection to get you inspection set up right away. Click here to set your appointment.